№2 - The Design of the Sherp is

The most striking is the huge balloon but tires in the Format x x. With a Bar the tyre is quite tired but ready for any unevenness in the terrain.

Optional Sherp offers reserve canister with a volume of liters that fit in the tire.

In the area of these special vehicles the consumption is not expected-namely of the distances but in hours.

Against this Background explains why the Sherp with a Japanese HP Liter-driving Diesel.

The power of the Japanese is all that and much faster than the maximum km h Maximum you can't go anyway in the terrain. Is switched via a manual five-speed transmission with sporty short-circuit paths.

Is elenkt as in older tanks two levers either the left or right of the tire it is rotating. Braking Distance Zero Meters.

With a ground clearance of centimeters of the Sherp's coming in on larger chunks.

It jiggles and swings hardly.

The reason for this is in the tire. Sherp had according to its own figures at least never a flat.

Filled the tire with the exhaust gases. With a yellow switch in the Cockpit the tire pressure system is regulated.

Clever as the Rest of the vehicle.